TRG Networking, Inc. (TRG Networking) exists to deliver custom integrated Information technology (IT) services and solutions to all our customers. Having been in business for nearly three decades, we have a well-established track record and expertise with providing the highest quality customer service to a variety of clients throughout the Baltimore-Washington area. Our skilled technicians, designers and project managers deliver the customized solutions our clients yearn for.

TRG Networking brings excellent managed services experience and expertise to every engagement, first developing a clear understanding of clients’ needs and concerns, and then delivering comprehensive technology solutions and recommendations that best address each requirement. Every solution we offer considers the whole picture: security requirements, systems integrity, and budgeting. To all our clients, TRG Networking becomes a trusted advisor, with long-term relationships built on a foundation of trust, honesty, integrity, respect, and an exhaustive knowledge of the technology options available.

The following is why so many businesses depend on TRG Networking for their complete IT services and support requirement:

  • REASON 1 – Trust to TRG Networking, is a word that carries a world of meaning. In every interaction you establish with us, we strive to earn and keep your trust. We absolutely understand what it means to put such critical parts of your business, your IT systems and data, into a provider’s hands. So rightfully, we guarantee that your data and the details of your system will be protected with due diligence at all times.
  • REASON 2 – Honesty and sincerity are core qualities that define the relationships that we build within our staff, with our clients, and with our business partners. We test the reliability of our products and services before we recommend them, so you do not have to worry about any operational failures and loss of data or time. TRG will not pressure you to buy products that do not add value to your business, or products that have limitations in meeting our strict requirements for security and stability.
  • REASON 3 – Integrity is the heart of everything we do. Integrity is measured by how well we live up to our commitments. When TRG develops a timeline or quote, built from our years of experience, we honor it. And when we contract for 24/7 support, or less than an hour recovery duration, we live up to it!
  • REASON 4 – Diligence is another cornerstone of integrity. TRG staff work diligently around the clock to not only protect your system, but also to bring our best recommendations to the table. Our technicians strive to find the necessary tools to help networks be more secure, more flexible, and ready to grow into your future goals.
  • REASON 5 – Good business practice is dependent on respect, too. TRG respects your business and the people who have built it. On-site and on the phone, your staff will be treated with dignity and professionalism. We respect your time and are committed to responding to your computer issues swiftly and thoroughly.
  • REASON 6 – Our technical team of network and security engineers, and system administrators are certified with the latest vendor certification credentials and specialize in providing Information assurance and security, data processing and hosting, virtualization, cloud services, desktop applications, network-educational training and management, IT Backup, disaster recovery, client, server environments, network/security administrators, Service Oriented Architecture and Adobe Connect, VMWare. We install and maintain complete system hardware and integrated software packages consisting of: enterprise commercial/tactical network design, management, security and analysis, COOP, routers, switches, call manager, custom wireless, WAN, LAN integration, client/server 2012/2016, active directory, exchange, virtualization, SAN/RAID storage, integrated application suites, desktop support, and upgrades/repairs. We offer 24-hour Network Operations (NetOps) support at all Tier levels.

Additionally, TRG is accommodated with new and innovative training to ensure our highly experienced staff are well equipped with the latest core competencies and recent IT enhancements that will motivate and further our support services. It is the primary focus of TRG Networking to optimize efficiency and remain fully capable of providing accurate, concise, and timely service to match any of its customer’s service level objectives while maintaining the highest level of trust and availability to collaborate and support client goals and benefits.

Further, given TRG Networking’s standing over the years, it is evident that we recognize communication and customer service as a cornerstone of all our IT deliverables. We not only ensure establishing end-to-end engineering and technology solutions, but offer our clients the latitude to adapt to changing requirements and advances in technology that are vital to the success of their core missions. TRG Networking supports and aligns our services to the growing demand for information systems that are highly secure, scalable, reliable, interoperable and mobile.

While TRG Networking continues to excel in delivering well-conceived solutions, our clients can count on us for cost-effective, unmatched expertise, and total customer satisfaction. At TRG Networking, we work really hard to provide the best experience for our customers and are always looking for ways to improve. We always appreciate our customer’s feedback to help improve our customer experience. We also make every effort to follow-up with our existing clients to corroborate, resolve, and/or accommodate the technical demands and enhanced solutions that may be required for the highly-complex systems and programs we support.

We deeply believe that bridging the gap between business and technology is a critical component of the success of any business. Most importantly, given the nature of the work we perform, we recognize the core place we hold with each of our current customers in meeting the needs of their mission.