Up-to-Date Technology

Grow a Thriving Business with Up-to-Date Technology

How can you leverage new technologies to support your business? Which technologies are best for your organization’s needs? What about the investment that you have already made in infrastructure?

Are you are finding that IT is creating more questions than answers? Let TRG find your solutions.

If you are concerned that your local hardware servers are nearing their end of life or are insufficient for your needs, you should talk to TRG about the benefits of virtualization . With virtual servers, your business will save on hardware and utility costs, and your computing resources will be used more efficiently, too. TRG can also build virtual machines on demand for scalability (like creating temporary Linux workstations for a new development project). Virtual computing provides an ever growing environment for lower cost solutions that small and medium organizations should consider.

Application and website design will be playing a key role in future business planning for most companies. As our workforce continues to incorporate more mobile computing, the applications that we rely on to do business must move to mobile interfaces. Your website will be just as likely to be viewed from a mobile screen as a desktop monitor - will it standup under scrutiny? TRG can help you prepare for the 5G cellular debut by bringing your applications and website onto mobile-active platforms, while ensuring their security.

One of the best features of newer technology is the increase in network security options. TRG’s engineers and project managers can assess your policies, systems and data to make the best security recommendations for your business.
We will develop solutions that provide your organization with layers of security to protect your sensitive data and your critical network connections. TRG can host your security solutions (SECaaS, Security as a Service), providing the most up-to-date virus, session, and spam filters. Or we can establish security configurations and gateway appliances on your local network, based on the unique parameters of your organization.

Because new technologies are well, new, you can rely on TRG to provide your staff with the training needed to operate them with confidence. For TRG training is not a one-time event. We offer on-site learning opportunities and classroom instruction to help keep your team abreast of current issues, security concerns, software tools, and more.