More Relibility

Does your business need more reliability? Does your team crave the peace of mind that comes with a network that you can depend on? For computer systems, reliability equals availability. When your computers, servers, security appliances, connections, and data are all available and healthy your business can move forward, not come to a screeching halt.

By allowing TRG to manage your data backups and data recovery, you can be certain that your critical data will never be lost. Businesses rely on their data, so don’t risk losing all that you’ve worked hard for.

Virtualization can provide redundancy for your local system. If your network, or a component in your system fails, TRG can have failover securities in place to bring a redundant system or component online – within minutes.

Co-location of your entire system in your satellite office, or in TRG’s cloud, is like having a whole backup network at your fingertips. Allowing TRG to host selected services, like email or website, means reducing the pressure on your local system. Less pressure equals greater throughput and fewer glitches and crashes. Letting TRG host your email and company website also gives you a safer internal network, by removing the two most popular attack vectors. And safer networks are more reliable networks.