Managed Services

Let TRG manage your services, so that you can
manage your business.
Our Managed services Include:

Malware filtering on workstations, servers, or your entire network Cloud - based malware protection:

Provides the most up-to-date malicious code signatures because we are continuously updating, patching, and testing.

Local malware protection: TRG engineers perform all installations and testing to ensure your initial and ongoing security.

Computer, server, and network monitoring:
TRG Help Desk technicians receive 24/7 notification about the health of your system, disk capacity, data flow, anomalous behavior, and more – getting ahead of system failures.

Website Hosting: An organization’s website is one of the most vulnerable points for attack. Instead of leaving that point on your network, move it to ours.

Email hosting: TRG filters f or spam, phishing and spoofing, and we can quarantine suspicious email for users to review safely.

Patch management: Don’t rely on your
vendor reminding you to update your
applications. TRG will develop a patch
schedule plan for your unique OS,
security software, and application
package. Then we will implement and
test updates before they come on-line,
so you won’t have any surprises.

Backup and storage: We offer backup and storage plans for every budget, and every business requirement. TRG will manage the entire process, no matter the size. To read more about data recovery click here

Firewall as a Service: TRG can build your wall of defense on our foundation. SECaaS (security as a service) keeps your flow of data behind the wall, well protected from attackers.

System Hosting: TRG can host your entire network, a couple of servers, your developer platforms, or a sandbox testing environment. You save on the bottom line and you have the flexibility to grow your network with a single phone call. Want to know more? Click here for cloud hosting

TRG offers managed service and
supportplans at several levels:Silver,
Gold, Platinum and Platinum Hosted,
providinga range of ongoingsupport
services. Talk withus about aplanbased on
a recurring,predictable flat fee. Youcan
budget appropriately, secure inthe
knowledge that your ITneeds are being
addressed … withno surprises.