Integrity is at the heart of everything that TRG does.

Trust is a simple word that carries a world of meaning. In every interaction that you have with TRG we will be striving to earn and keep your trust. We understand what it means to put your IT systems and data, such critical parts of your business, into a provider’s hands so we will guarantee that your data and the details of your system will be protected with the utmost care.

Honesty and integrity define the relationships that we build within our staff, with our clients, and with our business partners. We test the reliability of our products and services before we recommend them, so that you do not have to worry about failures and loss of data or time. TRG will only recommend products that will add value to your business and which meet our strict requirements for security and stability. The same security measures we use to protect your data, as our client, are used within the TRG network as well.

Integrity is measured by how well we live up to our commitments. When TRG develops a timeline or quote, built from our years of experience, we honor it. And when we promise 24/7 support, or recovery in 1 hour, we will live up to it. Diligence is another cornerstone of integrity. TRG will work vigilantly to protect your system, and bring our best recommendations to the table. Our technicians will be striving to find tools to help your network be more secure, more flexible, and ready to grow in support of your future goals.

Good business practice is dependent on respect, too. On-site and on the phone, your staff will be treated with dignity and professionalism. We respect your time and are committed to responding to your computer issues swiftly and thoroughly.