Project Management: The Human Component in Your IT Solution

Many network designs take into account the latest technology but fail to consider the people who use it. Preparation is what distinguishes project management at TRG. Whether we’re implementing our design or a system you have already chosen, a network installed by TRG will be carefully planned and executed, with an eye towards making technology work for your staff and not the other way around.

At TRG, project management isn’t just about effectively coordinating an equipment installation to be on schedule and on point; it’s about delivering technology for the people who are going to use it.

From the initial review of your business through final testing and training, your Project Manager will be there for you. He or she will ask the detailed, human questions about your operations, processes and staff in order to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs. Interviews with your critical staff will provide insight into how your business functions and how to integrate IT solutions to support that function. Then your PM will coordinate a team of experienced, certified engineers to ensure that every detail of the installation is carefully planned and executed—from equipment ordering and service development to the installation timeline and creation of user training materials. Any sized business can benefit from having an IT Project Manager to develop a unique solution from beginning to end.

Network Design: Installation by Design

A successful network upgrade or migration starts with a deep understanding of the needs of your business and results in a solid engineering design thoughtfully tailored to those needs. For 30 years, TRG has operated on the philosophy that an excellent IT system must be built on a foundation of solid, customized, architectural network design. Today, this still is the hallmark of what we believe and what we deliver. Our job isn’t complete until your staff have tested the new network installation and are satisfied that it works as you intended. We believe that the physical installation and set-up are only part of the full life-cycle of a project. From design through implementation, testing and support, the birth and maturation of your network is managed by a highly skilled team of professionals who carefully consider every part of the process.
What do we mean by that? For one, there will be no anonymous delivery of unopened boxes with a network installed by TRG.
We pre-build and test your new systems at our facility to guarantee a smooth delivery and set-up with a minimum of down-time and disruption for you. Our schedule is flexible and our staff nimble so that the time frame for your install will be based on your business needs.
Next, we deliver customized documentation of the system and its configuration as well as fully authorized warranties and licenses on all hardware and software you’ve received. The life-cycle continues through Training and Support which TRG provides with the same level of thoughtfulness, expertise, and experience that went into each stage of your project since its inception.