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In Albert’s Corner this month, thoughts on the weak link in your defenses.

A cartoon that circulated around the office recently really hit home. It depicted a boxing ring with a pile of computers and other IT hardware in one corner and a guy with a T-shirt that says “Dave” in the other. The ring announcer in the center says something like, “In this corner: antivirus software, firewalls, etc. And in this corner: Dave!”

Like most humor, it’s funny because it’s rooted in truth. You need to take every precaution against malware, including all of the above: firewall, a/v software, regular off-site backups (and testing of those backups) … but all that is no match for the employee who clicks on a link they shouldn’t.

We have previously mentioned the old tech support acronym PICNIC comes to mind. It stands for “Problem In Chair, Not In Computer.” Again, funny because it’s often true, but not funny if it results in a business disaster. With malware attacks on the rise, addressing the human part of the solution is more important than ever.

Recent testing shows that 1 in 4 untrained employees will fall for a phishing link, and one such mistake can compromise your entire network. Stories abound of people who should know better emailing tons of sensitive information to someone who turned out not to be the CEO after all, or clicking the link that locked down the entire network with ransomware.

A very small amount of time spent with your employees to make them aware of what to look for can pay huge dividends. Not sure how to recognize a phishing attempt? That’s why we’re here … contact us for help.

Address the technology needs, of course. But then make sure there are no company PICNICs.

Albert Blaize is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TRG Networking and spends far too much time on the road to share his car. Contact him at

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