Microsoft Does It Again

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At TRG, we recommend you check with us before saying “yes” to any Windows 7 upgrade, and here’s a prime example of why: First, Microsoft slipped the Windows 10 upgrade … Read More

TRG NetworkingMicrosoft Does It Again

No PICNIC: Avoid Phishing Scams

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The internet is abuzz with the news of the phishing attack that resulted in the sharing of personal data belonging to employees of Snapchat and other firms (if you missed … Read More

TRG NetworkingNo PICNIC: Avoid Phishing Scams

WebSecure from TRG Networking

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The best way to handle a malware or ransomware attack is not to have one in the first place, and securing your network is more important than ever as more … Read More

TRG NetworkingWebSecure from TRG Networking

Pay the Ransom? We Say No!

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Pay the Ransom? We Say No!   One of the more insidious developments in the world of malware is ransomware: hackers not only infect your computer, but demand payment to … Read More

TRG NetworkingPay the Ransom? We Say No!

HP Shutting Down Helion Public Cloud

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HP has called an end to its Helion public cloud service, effective January 31, 2016. Read more in this article.

TRG NetworkingHP Shutting Down Helion Public Cloud

Virus Alerts – June 2015

TRG NetworkingVirus Alerts

Operation Global III Operation Global III ransomware is proving to be another malicious malware that not only encrypts your data but also infects it. This malware is starting to make … Read More

TRG NetworkingVirus Alerts – June 2015

Cloud Computing – Demystified!

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Is Cloud Computing right for your business? What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks to moving to the cloud? What is all the hype about? If you are using web-based email such ... Read More
TRG NetworkingCloud Computing – Demystified!

Email Protocols – What do they mean?

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Are you currently using a POP3, IMAP or a MAPI account? What are the differences and what do they mean? POP (Post Office Protocol): POP provides users very standardized access … Read More

TRG NetworkingEmail Protocols – What do they mean?