The Managed Services Solution

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In Albert’s Corner this month, the managed services approach to security and why it’s better.

If yours is like a lot of other small to midsize businesses, you started out with just a few PCs and probably bought your security solution off the shelf somewhere. And maybe that was ok for the time being, even if it slowed those PCs to a crawl from time to time as it ran scans or downloaded updates.

As you grew, you continued to equip each PC individually until you had an office full of machines running different versions – and maybe completely different products. Some got updated, some didn’t … and all ran pretty slowly.

The other thing that probably happened along the way was that your users started connecting remotely using their home PCs, phones or tablets. Again, if you’re like most businesses you took a hold-your-breath-and-hope-for-the-best approach to security at this point.

For all these reasons and more, a managed services solution to security, such as our own EndPoint Secure, MailSecure and TotalSecure offerings, can be a vast improvement over the old way of doing business.

You already know how much more important – and difficult – it’s become to keep your barriers against cybercrime up, and up to date. A managed services solution does its updates automatically, leaving no chance for users to skip an update because they don’t want their PCs to slow down. You’ll never have to worry about whether your antivirus or antispam solution is up to date.

With a managed services solution for email, all the heavy lifting, so to speak, is done elsewhere. Updates, scans … virtually all the processing happens offsite, so there’s little or no impact on the performance of individual PCs or your network. Other managed products protect the rest of your network with the most up-to-date versions to thwart the criminals’ latest attacks.

And with all that said, you’re still in control. There are simple end-user portals so you can whitelist any mail that needs to get through and blacklist any that shouldn’t. With managed firewall service you can even get reports on who is trying to harm you from within and without!

Cybersecurity has become too serious an issue to leave to an ad hoc assortment of off-the-rack software. Look at the benefits of a managed services approach and take control again.

Albert Blaize is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TRG Networking. Contact him at


Albert BlaizeThe Managed Services Solution