Dodging Florence – Were You Ready?

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In Albert’s Corner this month, being ready for next time.

As we offer our support and compassion to the folks in North and South Carolina who are still experiencing the historic flooding of Hurricane Florence, we in the mid-Atlantic region breathe a sigh of relief: although we experienced some briefly heavy rains on our already-saturated landscape, Florence was really a non-issue for us.

But here’s the question: were you ready? More to the point, was your business prepared for what might have happened had the lower level of your building flooded, or if roads were closed and no one could get to the office? If your preparedness plan consists of praying that a storm like Florence will turn left instead of right, it’s time for a new plan. And now is the time … we don’t always get early warning as with a slow-moving hurricane. An earthquake or – more likely – a fire could happen tomorrow.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Two full, current backups: one on-site and one off-site. Keep the on-site one out of harm’s way as much as possible … elevated beyond the likely reach of floodwaters. Even better, keep it in a fireproof strongbox.

Check your UPS: If it doesn’t have power conditioning and/or a generator to support it, it may not last long enough for you to save vital data.

Unplug: If you do have advance notice of a coming event, and you don’t have a UPS, unplug everything. The risk of damage to equipment during an electrical storm or flood is huge. And if that coming event involves potential flooding, get all that gear to a higher level.

Go analog: We live in a digital world, but when you can’t connect due to system outages you can find your business dead in the water. Keep paper copies of important documents – lease, insurance, service contracts, contact names and numbers – up to date and offsite.

There’s more, of course, like spinning up cloud-based servers and preparing your employees to work from home if roads are impassable. The full solution depends on your business and your specific exposure to risk of data loss and down time. That’s why we’re here.

Don’t wait until the next hurricane is on the horizon. Get your IT preparedness in order today. 

Albert Blaize is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TRG Networking. Contact him at

Albert BlaizeDodging Florence – Were You Ready?