WebSecure from TRG Networking

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The best way to handle a malware or ransomware attack is not to have one in the first place, and securing your network is more important than ever as more … Read More

Albert BlaizeWebSecure from TRG Networking

Pay the Ransom? We Say No!

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Pay the Ransom? We Say No!   One of the more insidious developments in the world of malware is ransomware: hackers not only infect your computer, but demand payment to … Read More

Albert BlaizePay the Ransom? We Say No!

HP Shutting Down Helion Public Cloud

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HP has called an end to its Helion public cloud service, effective January 31, 2016. Read more in this article.

Albert BlaizeHP Shutting Down Helion Public Cloud

Microsoft Exchange Expiring April 8th

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Beginning April 8th, Microsoft will end “extended” product support of Exchange 2003 Standard and Enterprise Editions. There is no direct upgrade path to Exchange 2013. It is estimated that 6.3 ... Read More
TRG NetworkingMicrosoft Exchange Expiring April 8th

Windows XP End of Life

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Beginning on March 8th, Microsoft began to use pop-up warnings to encourage Windows XP users to upgrade to a newer version. Pop-up warnings will appear following the monthly patch cycle, … Read More

TRG NetworkingWindows XP End of Life

New Remote Support On Your Smart Phone

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For Both Android & Apple Users Have you ever had a smart phone problem and wished someone could just tap the screen and make it work? Our Help Desk Engineers … Read More

TRG NetworkingNew Remote Support On Your Smart Phone