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In Albert’s Corner this month, the main problem with security software … and a new solution.

Another week, another new twist on ransomware … this time, it’s a variant that actually attempts to uninstall your antivirus software and several Windows services. Other recent malware tricks include encrypting the malicious code so it can’t be spotted by a/v software, and email links that install malware even if you don’t click on them. How on earth are you supposed to protect your business from that?

The problem has always been the reactive nature of traditional solutions. It goes like this: bad guys launch a new trick, trick gets discovered “in the wild,” security software vendors issue an update to protect you. That’s all well and good … unless you encounter the malware before the software update. Then you’re out of luck, the victim of a so-called “zero day threat.”

Until now. Recent developments have brought a form of artificial intelligence to the battle, and it’s game-changing. Here’s how it works: all incoming communications are scanned as always, but anything that appears questionable is directed to a virtual “sandbox” in the cloud. Links are tested there and suspect communications are held in the sandbox until a verdict is delivered.

The benefits: a far greater chance of stopping threats both known and unknown before they get to your network; sophisticated analysis of a broader range of file types than traditional a/v software; and as a bonus, lower total cost of ownership.

With new threats materializing on a weekly basis, it’s no longer practical to just react to them as they’re discovered. Let a new security solution do the thinking to proactively protect your business.

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Albert BlaizeArtificial Intelligence, Real Solutions