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In Albert’s Corner this month, thoughts about the specter of hackers using AI.

If you’re like most of us, your exposure to artificial intelligence has been limited to trying to get Alexa to understand the names of your Spotify playlists.

But Alexa, Siri and the Google Assistant are just the tip – or the tip of the tip – of the iceberg in the AI world. The most well-known example, of course, is IBM’s Watson, using massive computing power to “think” through complex problems from treating cancer to stopping poachers in Africa.

We’re on the verge of an amazing age of technological potential, and as with every new advancement, people are hard at work figuring out how to use the new technology for evil.

A recent Reuters article details the successful efforts of a team from IBM to deploy machine learning and build hacking programs that slip past top-tier defenses. Put as simply as possible, these programs are trained to stay dormant until they reach a specific target, at which point it’s too late. And although this was a controlled experiment, experts say it’s only a matter of time before AI slips through a firewall near you. The building blocks of AI, after all, are available for free from Google and other sources.

It’s all just the next step in the ongoing battle against hackers and the ransomware and other malware they spread, and even before the advent of AI, the very best security solutions for businesses could only react to what the bad guys were doing.

So what’s a business owner to do? You may not be familiar with the term “Capture ATP (Advanced Threat Protection),” but if you imagine it as an offsite “sandbox” where incoming communications are vetted before they ever reach your network, you’ll get the idea. And we bring our own brand of artificial intelligence to the table with Patent AI in the firewalls we provide to clients.

If you’re ready to talk about mitigating your exposure to the ever-changing threat landscape, contact me about Security as a Service and I’ll show you what these tools can do to protect your business. 

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Albert BlaizeAlexa, Hack this Business